Capilano University Business Alumni

About the CAPUBA

Active members of the Capilano University Business Alumni Chapter (CAPUBA)  count executives, top entrepreneurs and everything in between as members. It is a powerful network that is continually strengthened by your involvement.

The CAPUBA mission is to promote effective relations between association members and the Capilano University Business Chapter. Our chapter further aims to support the interest, influence and welfare of Capilano University to foster the moral and intellectual ideals of the university. CAPUBA regular members consists of all holders of degrees, diplomas or certificates conferred by Capilano University for studies in the Faculty of Business and Professional Studies.


We are always on the look-out for alumni and or upcoming grads to volunteer with us! The CAPUBA is a group of fun motivated alumni that want to stay connected with current business students and alumni through University initiatives. Volunteer positions are flexible and we are looking for assistance in a broad range of areas. If you are interested and want to get involved, please email us and you will be directed to one of the committee members

Volunteer support we are looking for:

  • Digital Communications (Social Media Outreach)
  • Marketing
  • Events & Promotion


The CAPUBA Executive Team

Julia KP Wong
Nick Bellamy
Director of Digital & Social Media